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What are Café Style Plantation Shutters?

None of the many types of window coverings available on the market nowadays feels quite as contemporary, traditional and downright practical as plantation shutters. They have become increasingly popular over the last few decades, offering the perfect balance of design and function. This versatile and stylish alternative to the traditional curtains looks extremely beautiful and provides an enormous array of light control and privacy options that more traditional window treatments can not match.

Thanks to the very clean lines plantation shutters transform any room in an instant. Being made to your unique requirements can cover pretty much any window or door space, no matter the size, shape or complexity. Shutters are available in a wide range of styles and one of them is Café Style. The name originates from the use of them in France to give diners privacy.

If your home is right on a busy street or have other houses directly opposite, there isn’t anything more annoying than passersby or neighbours looking into your private domain. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about human nature, but we can suggest Café Style Plantation Shutters as the perfect solution. Café Style Plantation Shutters don’t cover the full height of the window; these shutters are situated at the bottom half of the window and don’t go the whole way up. The top half of the window is often left with nothing or some other textile window treatments to cover the top section when needed. Perfect for ground-level windows and townhouses, Café Style Plantation Shutters are a great way to maximise light and add uniqueness that makes any house stand out from the rest. Any style or age property, including Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian terrace properties with original box sash windows, modern houses and large country houses benefit from Café Style Plantation Shutters. They are a long-term window treatment, available in different colours and stains, so they can blend in perfectly with your existing décor.

Café Style Plantation Shutters are often seen in cafés and are well suited for office use, waiting rooms and so much more.

Regardless of whether you are a home or business owner, Café Style Plantation Shutters will definitely solve privacy problems and look stunning.

Please see our Café Style plantation shutter installations here.

To find out more about other Plantation Shutter Styles available, click here or get in touch!

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