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You Ask, We Answer

First and foremost, we want your experience with us to be enjoyable, informative and rewarding and we know that you'll have at least a question or two along the way so we've provided this FAQ section to address the most important ones straight away.

  • What's with the connection to The House of Shutters? Do you still make your own shutters in the UK?
    Shutter Central LTD is proud to be continuing the legacy of one of the UK's founding shutter companies. The House of Shutters Limited (1999 - 2023) From those early days of the mid/late 90's working with one of the most prestigious shutter companies in the United States H.O.S broke the mould in 2001 when it introduced shutter production to the UK for the first time providing truly bespoke hardwood solutions to a then infant shutter industry. Steeped in over two decades of manufacturing experience & expertise, The House of Shutters proudly continued to build & maintain the most unique & trustworthy shutter solutions right up to 2023. Sadly however, the world is now a very different place and it is with a profound sense of personal sadness that The House of Shutters has had to close the doors on its uniquely independent UK manufacturing facility. But, to all its discerning and loyal customers, the team wishes to personally thank every one of you for every opportunity you allowed the company to explore, every project you entrusted the company with and every amazing installation of its products it had the pleasure to put its name to. So who is Shutter Central LTD? As we have mentioned elsewhere, we firmly believe that people do business with people and with change comes new opportunities. Shutter Central is therefore proud to be able to maintain this enviable service legacy by continuing to provide the same truly bespoke, personalised and experienced level of quality & service where attention to detail is everything and where we work with you, not just for you, to ensure every customer receives the same level of care and diligent attention that The House of Shutters was well known for. Though, no longer our own production, our current range of high quality interior plantation shutters, encapsulates everything that The House of Shutters stood for. A critically well established range of high quality products which has in fact graced our portfolio for over 10 years, previously running parallel to the core House of Shutters Premier Sussex brand. Now, with the added benefit of a rich manufacturing history and the deepest understanding of the shutter industry (in all its forms), we can honestly say that your investment could not be in a safer pair of hands. Shutter Central brings you the very best products, the very best service and unrivalled knowledge & expertise.
  • Where do you source your product ranges from?
    Our current shutter ranges are now exclusively imported. Provided by one of the most experienced and long established manufacturers in the market today. Globally, the factory concerned accounts for more than 70% of the US market making the UK a smaller, but no less significant market partner. We have built a long & understanding relationship with our supplier, starting almost 10 years ago when we introduced the range to compliment our then exclusive UK-made hardwood shutters. This unique & extensive manufacturing insight allowed us to undertake the most rigorous testing imaginable. (Yes we literally took them to pieces back then!) This is also the main reason why we are happy to personally extend the manufacturers own 3 year warranty to 5 years. Yes, we are that confident you’ll love them too!
  • How about quality control?
    Dare we say it?……yes we do…..Exceptional. As we covered earlier, as a former manufacturer, we have a unique perspective on all things shutters and at the time we introduced our current range our criteria was simple. Accuracy of production….Check! Consistency in production quality….Check! Quality of service…..Check! Range of options and flexibility during production allowing us to flex and stamp our own creativity with every order…..Check! There’s nothing more demoralising than when “computer says no” We feel so strongly that we’ve managed to avoid any such issue to such a degree that if we know it can be done, it gets done!
  • What materials are your shutters made from?
    The shutter market has developed tremendously since the mid 90’s when we first joined it. It is therefore true to say that shutters now take many forms but the most important one is…..The right one for your project! The Balfour range - Our entry level shutter is a complete MDF solution (by that we mean shutter panels & the framework the shutters mount to. It has some installations & a slightly reduced colour pallet but can still cater for around 80% of anything you’d potentially be considering. The Compton range - Where specifications are pushing the boundaries, the Compton range enhances the Balfour by providing a mix of materials to provide sometimes critical weight savings but still retaining the core affordability of the composite based shutter. The Chatham range - Bridges the gap between composite and hardwood by retaining the MDF framing but lifting the quality of the shutter panels to the full hardwood option. Offering amazing value for money, an exceptional and worthy upgrade without breaking the bank. The Pelham range - The last word in furniture like quality, look and feel. Not to mention a myriad of production opportunities including standard & not standard speciality shape shutters, custom colours and much more. If it can be done in shutters, this is the range to do it in. Full hardwood shutter panels & mounting frames. Furniture-like quality to enhance any decor. The Portland range - A location specific range designed for those areas where peace of mind and durability is essential. A timber core, providing natural stability encapsulated with an ABS outer laminate. Supplied with Stainless steel hardware, ideal for wetrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or where high humidity or potential issues may arise related to rising steam or even direct contact with water. Our Shelbourne & Wentworth ranges take care of your wood stain requirements. Both full hardwood options provide a wealth of production options including traditional, solid base or solid shutter design.
  • Do you have a showroom? Where can I see your products?
    We don’t have a showroom and here’s why. When choosing a shutter solution the most important issues will always come down to your particular windows and your particular preferences. As such, it is far more valuable for you to see our shutters within the context of your windows, your decor and the scale & proportions of the rooms you are considering shutters for. Equally, it is valuable and insightful for us to also provide our expert advice based on the same issues so, we bring all this directly to you! Experience has taught us that seeing all the available louver blade sizes side by side can be extremely beneficial when comparing one against another. Additionally, we can immediately see any details that may affect the installation or need to be addressed so that the result is as perfect as it can be. Visual demonstrations of how a particular configuration will look and operate can be provided as part of our conversation allowing you to consider instantly the impact of choosing one option over another. We can also advise if your preferred ideas raise any operational or technical concerns and provide alternatives right then and there. Once we have all the necessary details, your quote will reflect everything we have discussed & seen to ensure that your project receives the care and attention it deserves.
  • What about lead times?
    As a custom-made imported product, we do have to consider production and shipping times. Some orders may also involve CAD drawings and queries that can impact slightly on the flow of production. Accordingly, standard shipping does vary seasonally but can typically be expected anywhere from 8 - 12 weeks. That said, we can also provide an expedited option that almost cuts that time in half! Airfreight is a premium service but it will see your order straight back to the UK in a day or two after production has been completed. This can typically save around 4 weeks on the standard shipping times.
  • What colours are available?
    Colours depend on the range of shutters being considered. The greatest range is available with our Pelham hardwood option as this not only includes 24 luxurious standard paints modelled after the very popular heritage tones but also custom colours where the sky is literally the limit. An equally impressive selection of standard finishes is available with the Balfour and other ranges. Not quite as full featured but always complimentary.
  • How long is your warranty?
    So here’s the thing, our shutters are offered with a standard warranty of 3 years. But, with our wealth of product knowledge and historical manufacturing expertise, we understand where limitations lie and where additional benefit can be provided. As such, Shutter Central is happy to provide an additional 2 years of warranty with any installation we undertake. If you are specifying or fitting your shutters yourself, then you still receive the manufacturers exceptional 3 year provision.
  • Who will install my shutters?
    If your order includes our installation service then your shutters will be fitted by the person who came to visit you, who measured & quoted your windows and who placed your order. With over a generation of shutter installation experience our time-served qualified installers will expertly fit your order for you. If you prefer, you can also fit your shutters yourself or employ your own installer. Importantly, If you ‘mail-order’ through Shutter Central we will not place your order until we have rigorously gone through your requirements comprehensively & as close as we can get to having measured it ourselves. The last thing we would ever want to receive is a phone call saying our order didn’t fit or something went wrong. That’s why we will always provide as much one-to-one service as is necessary until WE are happy that what you get is going to fit exactly as intended. You will be speaking directly with a trained & qualified installer who will talk you through every single detail and question everything before we commit an order to production. That’s a Shutter Central Promise!
  • There are so many options. How do I choose the right one for me?
    You’re right, there are quite a few options available with shutters, that’s part of the beauty of them; there’s usually always a solution but, it’s got to be the right one for you so Stop! don’t panic, take a breath, We got you! The essence of Shutter Central is highlighting the right solution regardless of how simple or complex a project appears to be. It’s easy to cover a window with a square metre of shutters but for us, living with your shutters is equally as important as any other part of the process so, no matter where you are on your shutter journey, we will always allow you to explore your imagination but always guide you back to the key issues, the key options that can make or break your experience.


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