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5 Things To Consider Before Installing Window Shutters

From materials to a supplier, here is what you should consider before installing window shutters.

Given that window shutters are available in numerous styles and colours, they're gaining popularity as a window dressing option among homeowners for various reasons. Whether you live in a small traditional house or a sizeable trendy apartment, window shutters are the ideal window covering, and you can be assured that they will always look great, representing elegance, versatility and practicality in your rooms.

There is a substantial assortment of window shutter options on the market today, so you should take your time looking into all of the options to determine what works best for you.

This blog article intends to help homeowners to make the best decision and point out the main things to consider before Installing Window Shutters.

5 Factors to Consider Before Installing Shutters on Your Windows

  1. Where the shutters are going to be installed.

  2. How you are going to use shutters.

  3. Materials.

  4. Colours.

  5. Budget.

1. Where the shutters are going to be installed

The first thing to consider when you're interested in Installing Window Shutters is to decide where they will be placed. You need to consider the size and shape of your windows. If measured, designed, manufactured and installed correctly, interior shutters are versatile and can enhance any room.

You may need shutters in different configurations in various rooms, for example, blackout shutters in the bedroom, bi-fold shutters in the living room with large windows or patio doors, waterproof shutters in the bathroom, and cafe-style shutters in the kitchen. Most often, where the shutters are installed will guide your decisions.

2. How you are going to use shutters

As function is as vital as configuration, always consider how you plan on using your shutters when deciding which ones to purchase. For example, if your windows are generous in size and you need to open the shutters regularly, look into shutters on tracks, where the panels can fold back in a concertina form to allow full access to the window behind (bi-fold) or slide along the tracks in a single line, allowing each shutter panel to slide effortlessly past one another.

In case you need a dark environment for sleeping, no matter what time of day, you might opt for room darkening plantation shutters with integrated blackout blinds to achieve as much darkness as possible.

3. Materials

Shutters may be made from various materials, including wood, plastic, polymers or MDF. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages, so, depending on the environment, certain materials are better suited. MDF is often the most cost-effective solution, simultaneously resistant to dents and scratches. For everyone looking for traditional shutters, perhaps in a period property, wooden interior shutters are the ultimate choice. Naturally durable and robust, hardwood shutters maintain an incredible lifespan even if they are heavily used.

4. Colours

When it comes to installing window shutters, you needn't worry a lot about the selection of colours for your project since there are lots of options to choose from. Along with thinking about your interior design and which shade will work best with that, also think about the amount of natural light a room will get and all the light bulbs you use.

Please note that MDF shutters are generally made to have paint applied to them, while the natural beauty of the wood calls for a stained finish.

5. Budget

For everyone considering Installing Window Shutters, the budget is a crucial aspect to consider. As interior shutters are made to suit the precise needs of windows, it is not easy to state, without generalising, how much plantation shutters will cost. The final figure is always determined by certain factors that influence the price. To find out how is the cost of plantation shutters calculated, please read our dedicated blog article. "What is the cost of Plantation Shutters?".


Installing Windows Shutters - Summary

Hopefully, by taking the time to examine the five factors discussed above before Installing Window Shutters, you will have a better idea of what your individual needs are for your new window treatment. These ought to help you to begin narrowing down the vast array of shutters available to you so you can confidently select some shutters that are appropriate for your home.

Installing Windows Shutters in West Sussex

If you're ready for a completely new window shutter solution to enhance the aesthetic of your home, start by looking for a reputable shutter manufacturing company in West Sussex with a solid reputation that offers shutter measurement, design, manufacturing and installation services, like The Hosue of Shutters.

With many years of experience behind every member of our team, we can the most suitable solutions for your requirements and the assistance you need. Please feel free to get in touch with us today.



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