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Are Plantation Shutters Suitable for French and Patio Doors?

Choosing the right Plantation Shutters for Patio Doors.

Patio doors can pose a real problem to dress. A common tendency is to opt for French/Patio Door curtains. Unfortunately, curtains are not ideal if you want Patio Door Treatment that brings privacy without blocking out the light.

Plantation shutters aren’t just for windows. They are the perfect solution for hinged French Doors and Sliding Patio Doors.

If you want to stay in control of the light coming into the room all year round, just simply consider installing Plantation Shutters for your Patio Doors. We believe that every home can be transformed by Plantation Shutters which suit all ages and styles of property.

In this blog article, we highlight basics you need to know about Plantation Shutters for French & Patio Doors.

Plantation Shutters when fitted to Patio or French Doors are the best possible treatment and here is why:

  • they offer privacy and light control;

  • they provide an extra layer of insulation in the winter;

  • they stop children and pets from going outside;

  • they are elegant and stylish;

  • they are custom made;

  • white plantation shutters make a room feel bigger,

and so much more. Please click here to discover more advantages of plantation shutters.

Plantation Shutters for French and Patio Doors installation types.

  • Sliding Plantation Shutters (by-pass). Shutters installed on sliding tracks (by-pass) have a track installed at the top and a guide channel at the bottom, are able to slide to any position on the tracks or stack behind each other. They can even slide into wall cavities as they remain parallel to the window.

  • Folding Plantation Shutters Shutters panels are guided and supported by rollers at the top of a single track and a single guide channel at the bottom. Folding Plantation Shutters simply fold out of the way against an adjoining wall. This installation requires some space beside the door reveal as the panels need somewhere to stack as they cannot be folded flat back.

Click here to view our sliding and folding shutters gallery.

We have dressed many windows, French doors, patio doors, unusually shaped windows and wide openings. We are always happy to advise on what we think is the best solution for your door or window. You can arrange a free appointment with one of our experienced professionals to get some inspiring ideas and practical solutions for your home. Just simply get in touch. Remember we are only a phone call away...from helping you to bring your vision to light.



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