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Can Interior Shutters Help to Tackle Condensation on Windows?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The Impact of Shutters on Window Condensation Levels

Condensation on windows

As the temperatures start to drop and we prepare our homes for winter, many of us want to keep our windows in the best possible condition. Unfortunately, this is the time of the year to start noticing condensation inside our windows.

This can be a nuisance for any homeowner, leading to mould and mildew growth. But what causes condensation, and is there anything that can be done to prevent it? If you have interior plantation shutters fitted or planning to do so, you may also wonder if shutters can help with condensation. Keep reading to find the answers.

What Causes Condensation on Windows?

Condensation is when water vapour in the air deposits itself on surfaces at lower temperatures. When moist air comes into contact with the cold glass surface of a window, it condenses and forms water droplets. The temperature of the glass is usually lower than the surrounding air, so water vapour will deposit on the glass.

In most cases, internal condensation problems occur due to too much humidity within the space or insufficient air circulation. Low interior room temperatures can also make cold surfaces (particularly on windows and exterior walls), which increases the chances of warm air condensing on them.

Ways to Keep Condensation at Bay

Excess moisture in homes can cause extensive structural and functional damage, including mouldy walls, damp ceilings, rotting sills and frames, and ruined windows, which can be expensive to fix if not corrected early. Damp and mould may also present a health hazard. According to the NHS website (opens in new tab), if there is dampness and mould in a home, those residing there are more likely to have respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies.

Particular groups of individuals, like young children and older adults, are at greater risk of these health ailments. Luckily, there are some actions you can take to regulate the damaged balance of moisture in your home that will prevent condensation on the windows.

1. Ventilation

How can Plantation Shutters help to stop Condensation on Windows?

Ventilation is critical for addressing the condensation problem. Keeping windows open regularly allows the space to circulate air thoroughly. If you have curtains or blinds, you may be unwilling to leave the windows open due to the possibility of a jolting draft coming in. Shutters are the ideal solution here.

Their adjustable slats enable you to open your windows just a small amount, allowing you to take advantage of the fresh air without letting in any stray drafts. All you have to do is open or close those slats on command. As shutters can help tackle the condensation issue, you will also notice reduced noise levels coming indoors.

2. Heating

Ensure that there's a consistently warm temperature around your home

Avoid temperature fluctuations by keeping your thermostat set at comfortable and affordable temperatures to stop condensation from forming on your windows during the colder months. The temperatures drop quickly at dawn, also known as the cold snap, and this is a frequent cause of condensation forming on your windows. Heating can be reduced to a minimum during the day, but it is vital to put it on when it gets colder to prevent condensation from forming.

3. Insulation

External Wall Insulation can be costly, but it will pay off in the long term.

If condensation is a frequent problem at home, it may be worth investing in reinsulating the walls of your property and window insulation. This will not only keep your house warm and reduce costs for heating but having proper insulation noticeably restricts the amount of condensation that accumulates and how long it will take to dry.

4. Tumble-Dryer

Invest in a Tumble Dryer or Dry Clothes Outside when you can.

Laundry day is one of many household chores that can be a pain to deal with. Nobody likes dealing with a pile of dirty clothes, but it's a necessary evil. If you're not careful, though, your laundry routine can result in some severe problems. One issue that you might run into is water droplets on your windows. This can be caused by damp laundry in an unventilated room. When drying clothes outside is not an option, using a tumble dryer will make it manageable.

5. Close Kitchen and Bathroom Doors

Keep humidity where it should stay.

Close the kitchen and bathroom doorways to trap humidity in the paths. Drawing in moisture from the room before it has a chance to develop is an excellent way to fight condensation. You can also place a bowl of salt on the kitchen and bathroom windowsills to absorb the moisture.


Can Interior Shutters Help to Tackle Condensation on Windows? Summary

Condensation on windows can be a real problem, especially in the winter. But there are solutions to help prevent it. One way is to install plantation shutters on your windows to reduce condensation effectively.

As they have moveable slats, they enable to have windows open during slight breezes, letting just enough fresh air enter. All you have to do is readjust the slats according to the need. This can make a big difference in reducing condensation.

If you live in West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey or Berkshire and are interested in installing Interior Shutters on your windows, please get in touch today. We would love to hear from you.



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