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Can Plantation Shutters make a room look bigger?

Use window treatments to your advantage. Check out how Plantation Shutters can make your living areas seem brighter, bigger and more spacious than they are.

Most of us would agree that having a big house feels like a luxury. Prominent properties can be expensive, and not everyone lives in that kind of space by choice or can afford to have one. For anyone living in a small or cosy home, adding window treatment like plantation shutters into the design scheme can be a way to change up the look of your space quickly and easily.

Interior shutters are an excellent solution for those looking to add some privacy, warmth and character to their home. The positive effects can reach far beyond making the room look great as well. Window shutters are a great way to make any living space look bigger without doing too much work. Sounds like an advertisement gone wrong? Well, it's not, and here's why.

Maximizing the daylight with Plantation Shutters

Soft, natural light contributes to the airy feel of your living areas, and it has a significant impact on our mood, which explains why designers spend so much time thinking about natural lighting. Rooms with a lot of natural light appear larger and more inviting. They are also more comfortable, inducing a better state of mind and encouraging relaxation, whether at work or home. Southern exposure is the best to get the most out of the natural light. East and west directions are good too, but north is usually the least desirable since these windows face buildings or other large objects that block out much of the available sunlight.

Depending on your house orientation, you can consider purchasing plantation shutters. These are some of the best and most cost-effective investments you can make to maximize daylight. When well designed and fitted, window shutters are not only a visual treat. Large louvres are one trick to allow you to get significant levels of light into your room, but if you opt for white shutters, you can get even more light that passes through them. To read more about reasons to choose white interior shutters, please click here.

Window Covering that sits flush with the window

One of the keys to making a room look bigger is having a clutter-free space. It doesn't only mean throwing away your junk. It also means opting for the right window covering. Whenever you need to select a window treatment for a smaller room, ensure that what you go with is flush with the actual window. Vertical blinds and heavy fabric roman shades are typically wrong for this. For a better fit and a lighter feel, stick with plantation shutters. If your window treatments aren't flush, it's going to hinder that particular goal. In other words, avoid having anything hanging over the windowsill as this will look unorganized and sloppy.

Placing a light reflection opposite Plantation Shutters

One of the best things to maximize light in a room is to incorporate a mirror. An attractive form of interior design often used in some of the world's top homes, mirrors can reflect and absorb light, increasing the light levels that come into your room. Placing a mirror opposite your plantation shutters can help improve the light levels that come into your rooms. The reason for this is simple. If you have positioned your shutters at a window or doorway, then it's likely that light is hitting one side of them but not the other. It can create varying amounts of sunlight in your home's interior and impede natural lighting, which is suitable for making it brighter.


As you can see, making a small room look bigger is a lot easier than it seems. All you need to do is use the right accessories, and nothing beats good quality plantation shutters designed, manufactured and installed by professionals. Using window shutters is a simple solution that optically helps make any living space more spacious. If you are looking for the best and most permanent remedy to make your room look bigger, add light and depth to a small room or even hide flaws in your home decor, then get in touch today and book your free appointment.



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