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Do Shutters block out light?

When it comes to modern and traditional window treatment, plantation shutters are one of the best and most versatile window coverings which always increase the value of every property. They can easily turn any window into an architectural feature. As Plantation Shutters are becoming more and more popular all across the UK, one of the questions most frequently we get asked by potential customers on a regular basis is: do window shutters block out light?

The answer to this question varies. The idea is that shutters are designed to reduce a significant amount of light entering a room, but it really depends on which type of shutters you decide to go for. Between the louvers of interior plantation shutters, there are small gaps that allow a lot of light to pass through. Shutters with bigger slats and louvers tend to let the most amount of light in when needed, but also help to achieve a good blackout when closed. This is because there are fewer slats and louvers, meaning fewer gaps for light to travel through. Thinner louvers mean there’s more space for light to get in, reducing the capability to stop light-flow.

Unfortunately, shutters on their own do not block completely every trace of external light, however, there are solutions to help you block out a good amount of light and create a very dark environment.

Choose from:

  • blackout shutters

  • solid shutters

It is totally understandable that there are many reasons to have darkness in your bedroom during the day. Mummies with babies, shift workers will definitely benefit from interior shutters with incorporated blinds. If you require absolute darkness in a room during the day, our suggestion is to incorporate a blackout blind into your window set up. By combining shutters with blinds you can achieve near-flawless elimination of external light. Having a blind between the window and your shutters will give you about as much blackout as you can get.

You may also be interested in solid shutters as they offer the best blackout. With no slats, solid indoor shutters block the light really effectively. The beauty of having solid panel window shutters is not only in their look, but their simplicity, with no operable louvres, the solid panels can either be opened or closed to effectively let in the light or block it out. Even when the windows are closed, you can still let in only the desired amount of light.

It is important to bear in mind that making the right decisions when choosing a window light blocker, goes a long way in making your home comfortable for:

  • relaxation

  • sleep

  • study

Please click here to find more about shutters with blackout blinds. The choice is yours!

If you have any questions regarding the best solution to meet your requirements, please feel free to drop us a line and we would be delighted to help! Our expert and friendly team are here for you.



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