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Enhance your Bay Windows with Plantation Shutters.

The term ‘bay window’ refers to any window construction that protrudes from the side of the surrounding buildings. In the United Kingdom, bay windows have been much loved for many decades. They have been integrated into many building structures as artistic facade motives. In the olden days, the main purpose of having a bay window fitted was to better protect the house from potential burglars. Nowadays bay windows are a stylistic element and expression of one‘s personal creativity. They come in many different configurations, with the classic ‘three-panel’ style being the most popular.

Formed of multiple- usually quite large – panes of glass, bay windows are perfect for drawing lots of light into a room, making a small room look larger. Unfortunately, they also let neighbours or pedestrians look in on you from several different directions. Without the right window treatments, they can leave you feeling slightly on show.

It goes without saying that It is quite tricky to dress bay windows. Having a separate blind on each of the sections just simply looks too busy. Curtains can be a good treatment, but they have to be big ones with lots of fabric. This option is ok for the living room, but not necessarily the look people want in the front bedroom.

To give all of the windows at the front of the house a consistent look, the best possible solution is to invest in plantation shutters. Dressing a bay window with plantation shutters can work wonders for your home. They may not be the cheapest window treatment you can choose for your bay window but there are many reasons why it’s worth investing in them:

Effortless Style and Durability

Plantation shutters create clean lines and look chic in a bay window and are made to last many years.

Low Maintenance

Plantation shutters are very easy to clean, meaning your bay windows will always be dressed to impress with minimal effort. Check here how to clean Plantation Shutters.

Control The Light

Plantation shutters prevent fading caused by sun damage, protect artwork, furniture or carpets from the sunlight. Simply adjust the amount of light you let into the room at any time of day, by tilting the louvres, to achieve the desired effect or open the shutters fully for maximum light.

Add Privacy

Ground floor bay windows a busy area can be overlooked by passers-by. Bay window shutters allow enjoying the extra space that the bay windows provide whilst also maintaining valuable privacy for your home.

Temperature Control & Energy Efficiency

Plantation Shutters Regulate the temperature of your home by reducing heat loss in winter and helping to control heat gain in summer. Stop being concerned about heat loss during winter, and save money on your energy bills.

Perfect Fit and Excellent Coverage

It is common for the bay windows in older properties to be asymmetrical, which makes fitting other window dressings, such as fabric blinds, difficult. Made to measure bay windows shutters fit perfectly, making the bay windows look very neat and tidy as well as retaining the original intention of the bay.

Choosing the right style of plantation shutters for a bay window.

When it comes to bay windows, there are four main plantation shutter configurations to consider:

  1. Full Height Shutters This is the most popular and practical configuration offered by plantation shutters for bay windows. Read more here.

  2. Tier On Tier Shutters Another popular companion for bay windows. Keep the lower part closed and open up the top completely, and allowing the full light to enter the room. Read more here.

  3. Café Style Shutters Cover just the bottom section of the window to achieve enough privacy from passing traffic and pedestrians. Read more here.

  4. Solid Shutters Invented to block out as much light, draught and noise as possible, plantation shutters for bay windows offer great security and energy-saving benefits.

All of our plantation shutters are custom made to fit your bay window exactly, providing a very smart and versatile bay window dressing solution. The best configuration you decide to go for will depend on how much control you require over light and privacy and the style of property you have. If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here at The House of Shutters, we are only a phone call away… Our expert and friendly team are here to help you design the right window shutter solution for your bay windows as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer free home design visits at a mutually convenient time where we discuss recommended solutions.

Trust us. We simply love what we do. Our Testimonials confirm we’re quite good at this! We’d love to hear from you. Let us know if you have already installed or considering Bay Window Shutters. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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