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Fall in love with Café Style Plantation Shutters. 

Let the light flood in and enjoy stylish privacy.

A window treatment from top to bottom isn't always a must. For example, some rooms need as much light as possible, hence leaving the bottom part uncovered. On the other hand, sometimes the passers-by can only overlook the lower part of the window, and there is no need to cover up feature windows. The solution for these scenarios is simple and is called café style plantation shutters.

The name might suggest that café style plantation shutters are reserved for restaurants and cafes but is not. Café Style Shutters add stylish privacy at eye level and continental elegance to home windows and commercial buildings.

Why homeowners love café style plantation shutters

  • Light exposure and enhanced privacy

By leaving the top of a window clear to let the maximum light in, café style plantation shutters offer the desired privacy. As the height is customisable, you can cover your windows up to the point of your choice. Everyone whose house is situated close to pavement can ensure that the shutters are at eye level to block unwanted attention from the outside world effectively. On the other hand, if you live in the countryside and enjoy the landscape near you, you can always see out of the window.

  • Easy to maintain

Sleek and minimalist, café style plantation shutters aren't just practical but also unbelievably easy to maintain. As they only take up half of your window, you can access them quickly and dust along each louvre without the need of struggling to clean the top slats. Thus, we can say that café style plantation shutters are half the maintenance. Please follow this link to find out how to clean interior shutters.

  • Long-lasting

When it comes to the lifespan, interior shutters outclass every single window treatment available on the market nowadays. Depending on the material, the quality of installation, and the usage, plantation shutters belong to the longest lasting window dressing choices. Once installed, they are considered a permanent fixture. They are just built to last and withstand the negative effects of wear and tear.

  • Add value to a property.

Café style plantation shutters not only improve the look of your home incredibly both inside but also – and vitally – from the outside. Made to measure to make sure they fit perfectly, café style plantation shutters create the wow factor. Houses with fitted interior shutters always go on the market at a higher asking price as shutter-dressed windows continuously improve the kerb appeal of every property and bring buyers through the door.

  • Versatility and stylish look

Stylistically versatile café style plantation shutters go nicely with different architectural styles. Whether you are an owner of a period home or a modern property, café style plantation shutters are the perfect addition. They suit most rooms and can be combined with curtains to achieve a cosy feel. While café style plantation shutters are usually chosen in white, these can be painted in any colour you'd like to match your decor.

If you think that café style plantation shutters might be ideal for your West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey or Berkshire based home, please get in touch to arrange a no-obligation, free home consultation. Our friendly and professional team of interior shutter experts is ready to help. To schedule an appointment, please contact us today. We will visit your property, measure your windows, and provide a free quote.



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