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How to Create a Reading Nook.

How Plantation Shutters can help to create the Perfect Reading Nook.

Would you like to get more reading done at home? It goes without saying that own, very cosy and comfy reading nooks definitely make us more productive and turn some of us into regular old bookworms.

No matter the weather, if we get the time and peace to read undisturbed, there’s nothing better than curling up in a spot, just in the comfort of our home, purely dedicated to reading and relaxing.

What are you waiting for? Simply help yourself by setting aside a special place for reading. With one nice spot created to enjoy silent moments, you can make your dreams come true! Remember that reading is one of life’s great pleasures.

Check out this handy guide on how to create a reading nook.

  1. Find a space to start with. If you are a lucky owner of a property with a bay window with a pleasant view, you are already halfway through creating your perfect reading nook. If your house is not big enough, dedicate a well-lit corner. If there isn’t such a place in your home, do not worry. Think how to rearrange some of the furniture to open up space, perfect to create a perfect reading nook. It needs to be free from distracting noises such as TV or radio. Do not forget about space for a stand-up lamp useful in the autumn and winter, when it gets earlier dark outside.

  2. Get the right chair. Now is the time to choose something to sit on. There are plenty of options. From squishy chairs through sofas, benches to windowsills converted into seatings. The last option creates a great base for soft cushions or as a back for a lower bench-style seat.

  3. Optimise for light to read in comfort. There’s nothing worse than trying to read in poor lighting. In general, most of us prefer to read in natural light rather than under the buzz and glare of fluorescent bulbs. Although natural light is ideal for reading, it can also cause problems as it is not consistent throughout the day. It can create glare spots and potentially dangerous shadowy areas. In order to make the most of the natural light in your private library corner, plantation shutters come with a helping hand, by offering the best control of lighting conditions possible. With Plantation Shutters, simply by adjusting the louvres, you can let light in just the right amount of sunlight. Plantation shutters come in different colours to impact the atmosphere of your reading nook. They allow you to keep your special space light and bright enough for your eyes to read in comfort.

If you found our tips above on how to create a perfect reading nook useful and you are ready to start creating one completed with our high-quality Plantation Shutters, please do get in touch. At the moment for new enquiries, we are maintaining in-depth and comprehensive telephone consultations with the intention of providing all but the final site check measure required to initiate any order. We also remain available for general enquiries and look forward to being of service in the very near future.



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