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Interior Shutters-the most versatile Home Office Window Treatment.

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Make your home office a much more pleasant and effective place to work from.

The COVID Pandemic has shown that the world of work may change forever. Today "hybrid" way of working is nothing unusual. Our offices are remote, and we are all aware that work and how we run our companies will never be the same. The shift is enormous and can't be undone. People have new expectations when it comes to flexibility and office-work model to maintain a good life balance. Home offices have become a refuge from the world. That's why we want them to look amazing. With a view of the backyard, furnished with a solid oak desk and a fancy computer, we feel at home. But there's one element that can be troublesome– window covering.

In an ideal world, a home office should be in a quiet corner of the house with no noise and enough natural light to keep us feeling fresh and energized during hours of work. Windows are a focal point and the primary light source for every workspace. There are many types of home office window treatments to choose from, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The best window covering for a home office should be beneficial but also very attractive. So, what is the answer?

A home office window treatment that effectively limits distractions.

The freedom to work from home whenever you want is excellent – there is no commute and fewer ineffective meetings. You can set up a comfortable office and make it whatever you want. However, every home office comes with its small annoyances. We have a pretty simple yet highly effective solution that helps block out distractions from the outside world that can sabotage your productivity - interior shutters. When fitted to a home office window, they allow focusing on what matters-performance.

  • Movement

If you have a front street view from your home office, you'll be tempted to glance out your window every once in a while. Thanks to plantation shutters, you can eliminate distracting movement from outside by simply tilting the slats slightly. TIt will effectively reduce transparency, and you will not notice people or vehicles passing by. It also means that those who pass by won’t be able to see inside. You don't have to hide behind curtains trapping you in a dark space anymore. Open up your windows and enjoy natural light.

  • Noise

Interior shutters are something you can incorporate as your home office window treatment to help reduce noise from outside the house. When plantation shutters are made to measure from high-quality wood, they sit flush and create an absorbing barrier across the window that can block out unwanted noises from external sources. Even though it is not possible to eliminate all exterior noise, shutters make it less disruptive. For more reading about the noise-blocking power of interior shutters, please click here.

  • Glare

Depending on where your home office is located, you may get too much sunlight that needs to be controlled. Natural light is a huge benefit for our eyes when we work in front of the computer, but when it comes through windows at the wrong angle it acts as a disrupting factor. If your home office gets too warm or too bright at certain times of the day, plantation shutters offer the ability to control the light, eliminate the glare and heat that may enter your working space from the sun. Interior shutters help to keep home offices more comfortable in the hot summer months. These allow light in and provide shade in the heat of the day at the same time.

Serving both aesthetic and performance purposes, plantation shutters deliver home window treatment necessary to designing a workspace in which you can concentrate and be more productive. So, whether you're looking for a home office window treatment that adds privacy or a bold design statement to your room, you're sure to find inspiration with our interior shutters. If you want to check whether home office shutters are the correct solution for you, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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