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Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows.

Learn about the different types of bay window shutter designs to choose from. Pick the most suitable shutter configuration to suit your needs.

You might have a neighbour or friend who has a set of shutters for their bay windows. They look fantastic, and they've popped up in many conversations you've had. You perhaps started considering shutters for your bay windows but are unsure where to start and which style to select to benefit most from? Before deciding on the optimal shutter's configuration, make sure you know what they are. Let's use this guide to walk through the process of choosing the best design of shutters for your bay windows.

For many reasons, interior shutters provide the best window dressing option for all types of bay windows. Custom interior shutters are made-to-measure and designed to precisely fit a bay window frame a way no other furnishing can. They are perfect for circular, boxed or an angled bay. These work practically for homeowners, make a bold statement and let every unique set of bay windows speak for themselves. Plantation shutters when fitted to bay windows not only look great but also allow for radiators and furniture, make rooms more spacious, control the light, protect privacy when open and closed, help reduce the noise coming from outdoor and keep the heat in.

Dressing bay windows with interior shutters in West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

When choosing interior shutters for bay windows, you can consider a few different configurations before deciding on the most effective solution that will work best for you. Let's look at the most versatile bay window shutter arrangements to help you create a unique space tailored to your personal preference.

  • Full Height Bay Window Shutters

Classic full height plantation shutters cover the whole window from top to bottom and intended to match your bay window architecture's existing lines. Shutters in this configuration give complete privacy along with a sophisticated and elegant look. If a bay window is over 1200 mm in height, the panels will have a mid-rail tailored to your requirements to allow the top and the bottom sections to operate individually. To read more about full-height plantation shutters, please follow this link.

  • Tier on Tier Bay Window Shutters

Interior shutters in Tier on Tier configuration feature two shutters panels, with one on top of the other for excellent control over light and privacy. This shutter style is a notably popular choice for the owners of bay windows, where a lot of flexibility in the daily routine is required. Pick Tier on Tier plantation shutters and get the most out of full height shutters configuration with the simplicity of café style configuration experience, like a stable door installation. To read more about Tier on Tier Shutter configuration, please click here.

  • Café Style Bay Window Shutters

Café style shutters cover the bottom half of your bay window only, leaving the top clear for keeping your space light and adding uniqueness that makes any house stand out from the rest whilst retaining privacy. Any style or age property, including Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian terrace properties with bay windows, modern homes, and large country houses, will benefit from Café Style Plantation Shutters. Bay window treatment in this configuration also offers the flexibility of exposing windows behind by giving the ability to open the panels fully. More info about Café Style Plantation Shutters can be found here.

  • Solid Bay Window Shutters

Traditional solid shutters are an ideal way to transform interior décor completely. These are often chosen to accomplish Victorian bay windows at street level. Shutters in this configuration, without a doubt, are exceptionally durable, add longevity and value to bay windows that they protect. They are an excellent investment for a long-lasting, quality aesthetic, add an extra layer of insulation to every home and provide maximum light and privacy control.

Whichever shutter configuration you decide to opt for, it will be the individual choice that will work practically for you and your family, that allows your bay windows to speak for themselves.

If you live in West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey or Berkshire, and are looking for the best bay window dressing idea, get in touch with The House of Shutters. We will guide you carefully by selecting the optimum shutter configuration for your bay windows and ensure they are expertly installed. Call us today on 0800 999 6064 or get in touch via our website.



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