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Bespoke Plantation Shutters as a creative window dressing for irregularly shaped windows.

Windows are not always square or rectangular. Triangular, round, bay windows or arched shapes draw attention to a property, but the problem appears when it comes to dressing them. Regular curtains do not do the job.

At The House of Shutters, we like to think outside the box and have something as unique as your windows. Custom made plantation shutters for shaped windows. Designed to match the exact shape of any window. Handcrafted with only the best quality materials to ensure that wow factor.

Bespoke Plantation Shutters shapes and designs

We believe that details are significant when working with uniquely shaped windows. Choosing the right window dressing is crucial when covering irregular shapes.

Unusually shaped windows are often creatively used in contemporary architecture. They require careful planning and consideration when it comes to dressing them, and bespoke plantation shutters are the right answer. They are like custom furniture made just for your interior to match the space and your personality.

Our range of custom plantation shutters for shaped windows is designed, manufactured and fitted to suit any shape window in any room of your home. By choosing interior shutters as window dressing you adding elegance and style to bathrooms, bedrooms, entranceways and much more. We offer solutions for curved windows, apex windows, round-shaped windows, bay windows and any other shape which can come to your mind.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Round Plantation Shutters The ideal way of creating a beautiful focal point and make a big impression. Whether you need a variation of a circle, such as a half or quarter circle) we are here to help and make it real.

  • Triangle Plantation Shutters An excellent choice for maximising the light in a room. Very popular for contemporary builds, plantation shutters for triangular windows add a beautiful finish.

  • Arched Plantation Shutters (also known as curved shutters) Plantation Shutters fitted to arched windows provide a truly unique and decorative look as well as practicality. They help them to stand out with their shape and beauty. No matter how arched are the windows, shutters do a perfect job.

  • Roof Plantation Shutters Large roof skylights popular in conservatories tend to look most attractive with plantation shutters fitted. In the summer they keep conservatories cool, and in the winter they work as a good insulator. When fitted to the roof and side windows, they allow to use conservatories in total privacy and achieve protection from UV.

No matter what shape is your window, we can work together to create something that will fit the space. We know how to accommodate tricky window shapes beautifully without compromising any shutter functions. As specialists in Plantation Shutters, we have designed, manufactured and fitted hundreds of different shapes of windows. To find out more about our bespoke plantation shutters for shaped windows, get in touch with one of our experts who will be able to discuss your project further. Let the specialists transform your speciality windows into an exceptional feature that fits seamlessly into your home.



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