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Plantation Shutters - The Best Window Treatment Idea for Kids' Rooms

Choosing the right window covering for your child's room can be a tricky task. Several aspects need to be considered before you make the decision. Usually, safety, durability, and functionality are all the most essential features. For instance, the window treatment should be able to keep out the bright morning sun. Given that kids love to touch things with their not always clean fingers, it should be easy to clean and maintain. The most important element is safety. Window dressing for your child's room needs to provide a child-safe environment and, fit the overall design aesthetic of the room.

Let's have a closer look at Plantation Shutters as child-friendly window coverings.

Plantation Shutters are child-safe

Kids and cords do not mix. Corded window coverings belong to the top hidden hazards in our homes that can lead to significant injuries and even death, as they pose a severe risk to children. Accessible cords in homes with young children can pose a potential strangulation hazard. It is not possible to watch children 24-7. We all think that it won't happen to us, but the fact is that infants and children can accidentally entangle in window blind cords, and the danger may not be obvious. That's why using cordless window coverings like Plantation Shutters in your child's' room is crucial. They meet the safety needs of homes with children, providing a riskless, cordless solution.

Plantation Shutters are allergy-free

One of the biggest causes of allergies is dust mites, which are tiny insects found in the household dust.* If your child suffers from allergies, asthma, or other conditions that affect the respiratory system, interior plantation shutters can help reduce allergens and ease the symptoms. Fitting easy to clean Interior Shutters works like an excellent solution for allergy sufferers. These can be easily wiped clean, so the dust mites in the areas of your home where you spend the most time, such as the bedroom and living room, are easier to control. To find out how easy Plantation Shutters are to live with, please click here.

Plantation Shutters help to control light

Interior Shutters provide enhanced room darkening by blocking out morning light for a deeper sleep. By creating the ideal sleeping conditions, even during the day in the summer months, plantation shutters contribute to your newborn's deeper sleep. In combination with blackout blinds they create a fantastic dark environment for sleeping, no matter what time of day. To check out the key features of Plantation Shutters with Blackout Blinds, please click here.

Plantation Shutters offer privacy

By choosing Plantation Shutters as a window treatment for your child's room, you are adding an extra layer of security and privacy. In situations when you need to open the window, your child can play safely, without a risk of being seen from the outside, falling out, or escaping. Handy in cramped areas such as London, where homes are often built close together.

Plantation Shutters help to maintain the temperature

Keeping your child's bedroom temperature at the optimal level that is comfortable for your little one is crucial for a great night’s sleep (for both -parents and children). Plantation Shutters work as good insulators by forming a barrier between the window and the room. Perfect for chilly winter evenings and reducing energy bills.



If you are just about to decide on the window treatment for your child's room, Plantation Shutters will be the most practical and safe option. We hope that this article convinced you that investing in high-quality, durable Interior Shutters for your kid's room is a good move. If you need any assistance in selecting the right configuration, please feel free to book a free appointment today and get help from the House of Shutters experienced design consultant.

*Source: NHS



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