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Plantation Shutters with Blinds.

Blackout Shutters for Windows.

Dressing your windows is a big decision-it goes without saying and every homeowner is aware of it. This long-term investment has a lasting impact on home decor and you want to get right. These days with so many window dressing options available, it is very difficult to determine the best window treatment for your home.

People very often wonder what to choose: plantation shutters, blinds or curtains? Well, as an experienced plantation shutter specialists we always strongly recommend plantation shutters, but at the same time, we understand that sometimes shutters aren’t enough.

Creating a fantastically dark environment for sleeping, no matter what time of day can be a priority for some of us. As plantation shutters on their own still let some light in, we know that you need as much darkness as possible for 8 hours sleep, especially in the Summer and if your bedroom faces South.

Night and shift workers, mothers of young children will definitely appreciate Plantation Shutters with Blackout Blinds - a fantastic solution that eliminates rays from both sun and street light alike. Our room darkening plantation shutters with integrated blackout blinds do achieve exactly what it is required. Key features of Plantation Shutters with Blackout Blinds:

  1. Superior light reduction.

  2. Discreet, virtually invisible when up as hidden behind the top rail of the shutters.

  3. Safe for kids as no cords are necessary.

  4. Timeless and with the right care, almost forever lasting (to check how to clean shutters click here).

  5. Stylish.

  6. An extra layer of insulation.

  7. Improved privacy.

  8. Noise reduction and so much more.

  9. Please click here to discover more benefits of Plantation Shutters.

Some questions to think about when deciding on Plantation Shutters with Blinds: 1. Budget. Custom made Plantation Shutters with blackout blinds cost more than blinds or just shutters on their own.

2. Type of the window. Our Plantation Shutters with Blinds require the shutter mounting frame to be sized to accommodate the 20mm blind that will fit within it.

3. Style. It is important to decide what style you are trying to achieve. Plantation Shutters with Blinds provide a practical window dressing solution for both modern and traditional types of properties. It is just a matter of choosing the right configuration and colours.

Many customers have already recognized the added value of our Plantation Shutters with Blinds. Please click here to see some projects in real life.

Please remember that Plantation Shutters with Blackout Blinds are a technical product with different features to choose from to suit your individual requirements. Our friendly team of experts are here to help you choose beautifully designed window treatment to suit your interior and individual needs. Please do get in touch, to arrange a mutually convenient time for your free home appointment.



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