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Room Divider Shutters

room divider shutters

Make the most of your space with Room Divider Shutters.

Are you looking for your large rooms that work better for you? Room Divider Shutters may be the answer. Interior Shutters are a versatile addition to any room and can help to create a more organised and comfortable space. Shutters are great at transforming larger rooms and office spaces into more conveniently sized spaces. Not only do they add an element of style, but they're also convenient and efficient.

Room Divider Shutters - a practical way to separate a room and create extra privacy.

There are so many benefits of using interior shutters to divide larger rooms. Whether you need privacy for alone time, separate areas for different activities, or want to put your feet up and recharge your batteries, room divider shutters provide an excellent solution. They come in various styles and colours, making them versatile and complementary to any home decor.

Plantation Shutters, when used as room dividers provide the ability to open the louvres when you need to see through the partition, so you can still have open-plan while separate at the same time. This handy feature allows the busy parents to keep an eye on playing children whilst having them confined in a safe area.

Room Divider Shutters can work in two different ways. The shutter panels can be used to break up a room where most needed or slide/fold back on their tracks. Although the meterage remains the same, the living space divided up the area into smaller sections feels completely different.

Room Divider Shutters - which configuration to choose?

Shutters come in a range of heights to fit different spaces. Depending on the purpose and where room divider shutters are going, there are several configurations to choose from.

1. Full Height Room Divider Shutters

Full height shutters can be a quick and easy way to add privacy or charm to a space. Shutters in this configuration do a great job at demonstrating the ability to fit neatly in the most demanding openings. Using one complete panel, they are often adopted to cover the serving kitchen hatches or doorways from top to bottom.

2. Bi-fold Room Divider Shutters

Shutters in a bi-fold configuration are created by shutter panels guided and supported by rollers at the top of a single track and a single guide channel at the bottom. They can be installed to fold all to the left, all to the right, or they can be split to open left and right. These panels unfold and fit neatly against the wall when not in use.

3. Bi-pass Room Divider Shutters

Shutters in bi-pass configuration operate in a similar way to bi-fold shutters. The shutter panels slide along the tracks in a single line with two sets of tracks installed parallel at the top and two guide channels at the bottom. Bi-pass Room Divider Shutters slide behind or in front of each other and create a partial room divider.

4. Tier-on-tier Room Divider Shutters

Providing "the best of both experiences", tier-on-tier shutter room dividers are perfect for everyone that requires the maximum flexibility and privacy from room dividers. These shutters come in sets of panels mirroring each other with louvres that can open partially. Shutters in tier-on-tier configuration bring many operating options, for example, the bottom section can stay closed, and the top one opened as you wish.


To conclude

When used as Room Dividers, Interior Shutters allow changing the space of any room as the day goes along and our needs change. Room Divider Shutters are beneficial for separating different room areas, whether there is a need to create a workspace, separate the children's rooms from the adults', or simply for privacy.

If you want to segregate an open plan space in your home, using plantation shutters is a much cheaper solution than constructing a new wall. Shutters can be easily moved and rearranged as your needs change, and they offer greater flexibility than a traditional wall.

Are you ready to transform your living space with Room Dividing Shutters? Why not get in touch with The House of Shutters, your local interior shutter manufacturer serving West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.



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