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Save Money on Energy Bills this Winter

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

How Plantation Shutters can help save money on your energy bills. The arrival of colder months means celebrations, snow, cosy evenings, but it also brings higher energy bills. And it's not just because there are more people in the house. Winter is the coldest time of year, meaning that you will be using more electricity to heat your home through this period. The temperature changes, so do the energy efficiency of your home. Energy costs are rising, and according to the analytics, the arrival of winter energy bills can make a severe dent in our finances. It is predicted that our energy bills will rise by 30% over the next year. [1] With that in mind, it is a good idea to start thinking of ways to save money on energy bills.

Luckily there are ways to take the sting out of our energy bills and ensure more comfortable living conditions by saving energy around our homes. We can turn down the thermostat, replace the inefficient boilers, wash our clothes at 30°C (if possible), switch to energy­ saving LED bulbs, insulate pipes to keep water hotter, turn our appliances off standby mode or invest in Plantation Shutters. Read below to find out how you can benefit from significant energy savings by getting Interior Shutters. Plantations Shutters are energy­ efficient.

Gone are the days when window shutters were only used to keep pets and children from opening them. Today, many homeowners are using plantation shutters to help save money on their energy bills in the winter. Well ­fitted Plantation Shutters represent the most energy-efficient window treatment and help reduce heat loss in the winter months. They are a great alternative to curtains, blinds and other window dressing options available on the market.

Shutters can be installed on windows of all sizes, whether big or small. When custom-made for each window, they precisely fit a window frame the way no other furnishing can to ensure an efficient barrier against warm air escape and cold draughts. This insulation value effectively helps to save money on energy bills.

Plantation Shutters can prevent heat loss through the windows.

Heat loss through the windows is complex. Whether it leaves the house by convection, conduction or radiation, it contributes towards annual energy bills. Plantation Shutters can help save on energy costs by trapping some of the warmth inside your home, keeping it warmer during the cold winter months.

According to Historic Environment Scotland, shutters belong to the most effective methods for improving the thermal performance of traditional windows. They have tested the effectiveness of different ways of improving the thermal performance of windows. It appeared that timber shutters could reduce heat loss through windows by 51%. That is preventing over half of all the heat lost through the windows! If used in conjunction with double glazing, shutters can reduce heat loss by over 75%. To see the results operate your Interior Shutters correctly. Many people don't even know that their louvres are fully open or closed, and without this crucial knowledge, they could be costing themselves more on energy bills. Louvres can make a massive difference to the amount of light, air and warmth in your home. Opening them allows sunlight to enter your home and warm it up, which means you won't need to use as much energy heating it. Do not forget to move the louvres of your plantation shutters to the vertical 'closed' position when the daylight ends to generate the insulating layer. With the winter just around the corner, you do not have to struggle with trying to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If you are looking for ways to save money on energy bills this winter, make changes in your homes to reduce heat loss. Get Plantation Shutters installed to create a barrier between your interior and your glass windows. Enhance the thermal performance of your windows to keep your heating bills down. Please feel free to contact us for more help on how shutters can help insulate your windows in West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire without compromising on style.





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