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Shutters with a Hidden Split

What does it mean to have Plantation Shutters with a hidden split?

Plantation shutters are a type of window coverings popular for their appearance and functionality. They can be opened to allow light and air into the room or closed to provide privacy and insulation. Plantation shutters can also be adjusted to allow just the right amount of light and air coming in from the outside. There are several types of plantation shutters available with different specification choices, and today we will take a closer look at interior shutters with the hidden split.

What is a hidden control rod in Plantation Shutters? Plantation shutters have many customisation options to tailor the shutter to your home. You can choose the style, the colour, the louvres, and even where you want to have the rod that controls the angle of the louvres on each panel. Traditionally plantation shutters feature a central tilt rod that goes down the middle of each panel and raises and lowers the louvres. Aside from this standard specification, there are shutters with a hidden split, discretely concealed in the back face of a shutter panel.

The idea of this specification choice is to allow for the different louvre angles between the top & bottom of the same shutter without a physical rail. In practice, usually, the height of a shutter dictates the practicality and suitability of this option, but, in essence, if your shutter panel would typically come with a physical mid­rail, it could be replaced by a split louvre section. Utilising the hidden tilt to open and close the louvres brings many advantages. Why Should you consider Plantation Shutters with a Hidden Split? Convenience Shutters with a hidden split offer all the benefits of traditional plantation shutters, with the bonus of opening them in two separate sections. This makes them perfect for rooms with large windows or doors, as it allows you to have a full view of the outside while still keeping your privacy. When you choose to open or close your shutters during the day, it is up to you and ultimately depends on your specific circumstances.


Most helpfully placed hidden split successfully helps direct the light throughout the day. Adapting the shutters depending on your needs and time of the day has never been easier. If you are looking for privacy during the day and do not want to block out the sun coming in, you should close the bottom part of your shutter panels and leave the top section open. This will cover you and hide you from passersby.

Modern Look

Shutters with hidden tilt rods complement interiors that use a modern feel because of their clean lines and sleeker look. Thanks to the fact that the invisible tilt rods are less visible from the outside, shutters become almost frameless and emphasise the modern lines of the interior. If you're looking for a way to add some contemporary flair to your space, consider installing shutters with hidden tilt rods. Conclusion When selecting a tilt rod for your window treatments, you have to consider many factors, such as the style of your home, the type of window, and your personal preference. People with traditionally designed homes tend to opt for front­mounted tilt rods. They are a classic choice that complements the conventional home style. Owners of homes with more contemporary décor often see side­mounted tilt rods as a better option. Are you still wondering if Plantation Shutters with a Hidden Split are the best choice for your windows? Get in touch with us today. Here at The House of Shutters, we offer free at­home consultation services to give the best piece of advice based on your windows style, home decor and your requirements.



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