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The Best Covering for Shaped Windows

Discover Bespoke Plantation Shutters that perfectly fit Shaped Windows.

Windows come in all shapes and styles. They are a focal point for the eyes to rest on and a frame that showcases the overall appearance of a home. There are many properties with windows that are not traditionally square or rectangular. These look astonishing, but it is not particularly easy to find the right solution for dressing them. In addition, some styles can be more complicated than others to treat. From circles, arches, bays to roof lights, triangles and slanted windows, whatever the shape, each poses a challenge when deciding on a coverage. On top of that, a window treatment needs to match the home's architectural style it is going onto. Here, we will show you why Plantation Shutters serve as the best­ shaped window covering.

The Best Covering for Shaped Windows

Bespoke Plantation Shutters as the best Shaped Window Covering ­ Key Features

1. Custom Made 2. Precisely Fitted

3. Practical

4. Long-lasting

5. Easy to maintain

1. Plantation Shutters Custom Made Shaped Window Covering

Bespoke Plantation Shutters offer a made­ to ­measure solution that perfectly fits the shaped windows ­ whatever size and shape are required. These practically shaped window coverings come in several colours, configurations, and sizes. You can find plantation shutters that match any décor style. With the ability to cover every window shape, plantation shutters offer unrivalled opportunities to find the right solution to cover shaped windows every time.

2. Plantation Shutters ­ Precisely Fitted Shaped Window Covering

As made to order Plantation Shutters allow for an easy and precise solution to any aspect of your specialty window design. There is no other window treatment more precise.

They perfectly serve any home or commercial space with their custom cut to fit shaped windows. When measured, designed, manufactured and fitted by professionals, like The House of Shutters, there is a guarantee that this most versatile shaped window covering will fit like a glove and work in the way it supposes. To read more about the reasons why involving an experienced and trusted Plantation Shutter is vital, please click here.

3. Plantation Shutters ­ Practical Shaped Window Covering

There is no doubt that bespoke Plantation Shutters for specialty windows endure their popularity thanks to their practicality. Custom made to allow homeowners to choose various colours, configurations, and shapes depending on how they want their shutters to look, provide an efficient way to keep private life just that….private. The ability to control the amount of light and noise entering a room through the windows and making a bold statement and an optimal impact on a property's look make plantation shutters the best­ shaped window covering.

In essence, bespoke interior shutters are an excellent choice for many reasons. To read more about why investing in Plantation Shutters as a shaped window covering is the best choice for your home, please click here.

4. Plantation Shutters ­ Long-­lasting Shaped Window Covering

Being environment ­friendly plays a pivotal role nowadays. People look to invest in products designed to last, and window fixtures are no exception. Interior Shutters are the longest lasting window treatment on the market today, making them an excellent investment. Once installed, no matter how curved or angled, small or large plantation shutters are, they become a permanent fixture. They do not wilt or warp as curtains and linens do over time.

5. Plantation Shutters ­ easy to maintain Shaped Window Covering

For those who are looking to cover their windows with an easy to maintain solution, Plantation Shutters again are the best way possible. They require minimal cleaning and can be wiped down with a damp cloth on a weekly basis. Unlike other window treatments with fabric or paper, there is no need to worry about fading or tearing any material. Please click here to read more on how easy cleaning Plantation Shutters is.

The Best Covering for Shaped Windows

Conclusion Bespoke plantation shutters are made to the window measurements and offer an elegant, timeless design. These revolutionary shaped window coverings come in various shapes and sizes to perfectly fit any window or door. When custom manufactured, they match nearly every style, from traditional to contemporary, so you will never have to worry about

mismatched window treatments again! Are you struggling to find a window covering that matches the shape of your specialty windows in your home? With Bespoke Plantation shutters from The House of Shutters, your window treatment can be customized for any shape. Get in touch today to arrange your free, no ­obligation in-home appointment.



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