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Top reasons why clients love Tier on Tier Interior Shutters.

Classy and affordable plantation shutters are a popular choice when it comes to getting that perfect look for the interior of any property. Thanks to the wide range of configuration options, shutters can cater to different needs of a room in every home.

tier on tier shutters
tier on tier shutters

In this blog, we are going to outline the main advantages of a unique shutter configuration option called tier on tier shutters. In our eyes, this configuration is so different and so appealing, that there is none other we can think of, that comes close to its versatility.

What is Tier on Tier Plantation Shutter Configuration?

Plantation Shutters in tier on tier configuration feature two shutters panels, with one on top of the other. They are mounted in a whole window, letting the top and bottom halves opening independently. These provide a best of full height shutters configuration with the simplicity of café style configuration experience, like a stable door installation. Tier on tier shutters is a notably popular choice for windows where a lot of flexibility in their daily use is needed, i.e. bay windows, living room windows or road facing windows.

Benefits of Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters

  • Better Light Control and Enhanced Privacy Tier on tier shutters is the best window treatment option for every room overlooking the street or neighbouring properties. Thanks to tier on tier shutters, relaxing is made easier. Let the natural sunlight in during the day, without a worry about anyone looking into a property. By keeping the top tier open and the bottom panel closed, you will never have to sacrifice privacy to optimize the light in your home. With tier on tier shutters, it is easy to take even more control of the amount of light coming into a room by making use of the slats on your tier-on-tier shutter panels. Open either the top or bottom panel’s lovers and put the others in a closed position, to create a lovely, relaxing ambient glow. There is nothing better than ultimate flexibility when it comes to controlling light and privacy.

  • Versatility Despite the defined interior design style, tier on tier shutters is a versatile window dressing idea that looks great in any property. Whether you have just moved into a new flat or live in a period property, your space is limited or endless, you prefer the minimalist, contemporary, traditional or rustic style, shutters in tier on tier configuration will enhance your interior and exterior home decor.

  • Added Security When the bottom panels are shut, people cannot comfortably look into a property, and home security is at less risk. Tier on tier shutters prevents thieves from becoming familiar with your and your family members daily routines, so they do not know when everyone is likely to be out the house.

  • Perfect Fit Unlike already made alternatives, custom manufactured tier on tier interior shutters is a made-to-measure product designed to precisely fit a window frame. If you choose the expert Shutter Installation Team, you can rest assured that the quality fit is delivered every time. Please note that Tier on tier shutter configuration is subject to some suitability checks, which we are always happy to explain.


At the House of Shutters, we design, manufacture and install fully bespoke tier on tier shutters in homes across West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. If you would like to discuss the suitability of tier on tier shutters or would like more information about the best window treatment options for your property, please feel free to get in touch with us. We can help you get the right look for your home.​



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