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What Are Plantation Shutters?

Having a tough time trying to understand what plantation shutters are? We can help! Read this post below to get a brief education on Plantation Shutters.

Let’s talk Plantation Shutters History

The first type of shutters started a long time ago, in the fifteenth century in Ancient Greece...

History shows that they were solid, made from marble and used to provide protection from the weather and provide security. Some of these could be slid across the window space to let in the light and air. A common belief is that the term “plantation” is in relation to shutters in Southern America. Shutters were brought there when the Spanish colonised the south.

They became a common fixture on large farms or mansions that typically grew tobacco, cotton, coffee or sugar and quickly earned the name “plantation shutters”. In the times when people did not know glass windows, wooden shutters were thought of as being the best option to keep interiors cool during the summer and protected during the winter. The other reason was security against potential intruders. It did not take long before things turned in a completely different direction and plantation shutters became an indicator of distinction and wealth.

Let’s talk Plantation Shutters Characteristics

Plantation shutters are a type of a low maintenance alternative to common window treatments like curtains. These permanent, bespoke window covering consist of wood or faux wood louvres mounted in a solid frame. There are two types of plantation shutters: louvred and solid. Louvred shutters have louvres controlled by a tilt rod which allows to adjust the louvres and keep them in a uniform position, to provide privacy and light filtration. Louvres are usually available in several sizes. Smaller louvres tend to let in less light than larger ones. Solid panel window shutters are completely solid with no louvers. As they are solid, these shutters provide the closest thing to a blackout option.

Our made to measure plantation shutters are available in a range of 21 natural wood stains, 29 standard paint finishes and the added option of an unlimited custom colour pallet if required.

Main types of material found in plantation shutters are Wood and MDF.

  • Wood is the most common choice found in shutters designed and manufactured with durability and sophistication in mind.

  • MDF makes the plantation shutters easy to maintain and withstand moisture damage. Plantation shutters made from MDF don’t compromise on appearance or quality.

Plantation shutters are available in a few different configurations that you can choose from to achieve the exact look and feel you desire most for your home. Why not to speak to our experienced professionals to get help and find the shutters to fit your home and your budget?



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