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What are the best window coverings for a large window?

Are you an owner of large windows wondering how to dress them? Are you looking for a low maintenance window treatment which offers practicality, high quality, exceptional style and elegance? There is a perfect solution available, and it is called Plantation Shutters.

Window dressing ideas include curtains, drapes, different types of blinds and plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are constructed of sturdy horizontal panels called louvres that can be adjusted to open or close according to your convenience.

There is a wide range of plantation shutter styles. Available in standard sizes or made to order to meet the varying needs and features of your home. All of these make a great choice when it comes to window coverings. Interior shutters can be manufactured from wood, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or PVC and are available in many different configurations.

Let's have a closer look at the best interior shutters configurations for large windows. Full Height Plantation Shutters

Full height plantation shutters, covering the entire height of a window in a single section, provide total privacy control and maximum flexibility that only shutters can offer. The configuration and style options can easily be adapted to suit the window that is being dressed. They are perfect for any home style, from rural to urban. The louvres beautifully control the light entering a room. Commonly added mid-rail or split louvre increase the functionality by enabling upper and lower louvres to be opened independently of one another.

To read more about full height interior shutters configuration, please click here.

Shutters on Tracks

Shutters on tracks are perfect for patio door and other large windows. When combined with a tracked system, full height shutters create a stylish, timeless, suitable all year round and practical solution. The panels can be guided and supported in two ways:

  1. Bi-Fold All the shutter panels are guided and supported by rollers at the top of a single track and a single guide channel at the bottom. The panels can fold back in a concertina form to allow full access to the window behind.

  2. By-Pass With two sets of tracks and guide channels that run parallel, the shutters slide along the tracks in a single line, allowing each shutter panel to slide effortlessly past one another.

Both options (Bi-Fold and By-Pass) offer a smooth transition between open and closed. To see more examples of Shutters on Tracks designed, manufactured and installed by The House of Shutters, please click here.

Window coverings for homeowners with large windows are essential because they allow achieving privacy. There are many reasons why you should opt for plantation shutters as your window coverings.

As you already know, dressing large windows with plantation shutters is the most efficient way which gives maximum luxury while keeping indoor pleasing and comfortable. If you are ready to create a fashion statement for your home décor and ensure your privacy, get in touch today. We offer window coverings almost for everyone and every large window possible.



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