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What is a Mid Rail on Interior Shutters?

mid rail shutters

Plantation shutters are a type of window covering used on a window's interior. They are made up of panels with louvres, or slats, that can be opened and closed to control the amount of light and air that enters a room.

If you've been researching plantation shutters, you may have come across the term "mid-rail." But what does it mean, and is it the right choice for you? Fortunately, it is not all that difficult. Here's a quick rundown of mid-rail shutters and how they can benefit your home.

What is Mid Rail on Shutters?

A mid-rail is a horizontal bar which runs across full-height plantation shutters. It helps to keep the sections of moveable louvres above and below in place, making it easier to open and close the shutters. Mid rails are mostly optional, but they can be a helpful addition to plantation shutters.

Where to Place Mid Rail on Shutters?

You may have decided to add a mid-rail, but you may not know exactly where to place it. The simplest way to determine the position of a mid rail is to put it where there might be any natural border or obstruction to cover. If there aren't any obstructions, you can divide the height of your shutters in half, or if you prefer, go for 1/3 or 2/3 of the way up, depending on how large a section of slats you'd like to keep closed or open at any given time.

When it comes to sash windows, a mid rail works best when aligned with the upper and lower sash zone. Maybe there's a lock or crank handle in the middle that you may cover, so it does not affect your slats from opening and closing (or hide it for aesthetic purposes).

Usually, a minimum of 20 inches is left between the mid rail and the top or bottom of a shutter panel. All to ensure a few slats can fit in between the mid-rail and the top or bottom of your shutter unit.

Some people even opt for two mid-rails on extra tall windows to create three separate sections of louvres.

Top Tip

Always try to ensure the height of mid rails stays as consistent as possible. You might encounter several sizes within a single room with mid-rail positioning, so endeavour to keep this in mind.

How does Mid Rail differ from Tier-on-Tier?

While plantation shutters with a mid-rail allow for adjusting the top and bottom sections of panels independently, they still consist of one panel from top to bottom and open your shutters as one unit. On the other hand, tier-on-tier shutters comprise two sets of panels, so you can open each separately. To read more about tier-on-tier shutters, please click here.

Why choose Mid Rail Shutters?

If you love the clean look of full-height shutters but want a little more design interest, consider adding a mid-rail. This can give your shutters some of the same benefits as café style or tier-on-tier style shutters.

Advantages of Mid Rails on Shutters

  • privacy

  • light control

  • a sense of a more traditional look

  • an added touch of visual interest to your windows

  • convenience to operate the slats above and below the mid-rail independently from one another


Mid Rail Shutters - The Key Takeaways

While plantation shutters are a beautiful addition to any home, many people don't realize that they come in different styles. One style of plantation shutter is the Mid Rail Shutter.

Mid Rail Shutters have a vertical rail in the middle of the shutter panel that allows you to move the top and bottom sections of slats independently. They are highly versatile and can be customized to fit any size of window or doorway, providing the ideal degree of light control, privacy and comfort.

Are you still unsure if adding a Mid Rail to your Shutters is a good idea? Do not worry!

The House of Shutters - Local Internal Shutter Specialist serving West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire is here to help!

Our dedicated Shutter Experts are not only there to measure up, manufacture and install your window treatment. They would love to hear from you and provide you with advice. Request an appointment today to discuss your full height shutters with mid-rail options. Let us help you design your perfect shutter!

During your free on-site consultation, ask any questions you'd like. We are confident you will have a positive, satisfying experience with us.



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