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What is the cost of Plantation Shutters?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

How is the plantation shutter cost calculated?

For everyone considering investing in plantation shutters to improve the look and add the value to a property, the cost of interior shutters is a question which needs answering.

Dressing your windows is a big decision as your window decor has a substantial impact on your home decor. We use window treatments for various reasons: to gain privacy, block out light or heat, or to provide embellishment to a window. Interior window coverings fall into two main categories:

hard window treatments - defined as being manufactured from hard materials like wood or medium-density fibreboard (MDF), for example, shades, shutters & blinds;

soft window treatments - defined as being manufactured from fabric and textiles, for example, curtains & drapes;

With so many options available, interior shutters are gaining more and more popularity in the UK. They are the fastest-growing type of window coverings available on the market. Maybe not the cheapest ones, but worth every penny. Discover why plantation shutters are worth the money they cost.

Cost of Plantation Shutters is commonly asked question.

As Interior Shutters are custom made and tailored to fit any window, there is a pricing structure involved in producing high-quality products. The average cost varies, and there are some factors which determine the price. Below we have listed everything that makes an impact on interior shutters cost:

  • Material Main types of materials used for making plantation shutters are Wood and MDF. Wood is the most common choice found in interior shutters designed and manufactured with durability and sophistication in mind. MDF makes the plantation shutters easy to maintain and withstand moisture damage. Plantation shutters made from MDF are the cheaper option without compromising on appearance or quality; Plantation shutter materials are usually available in a range of wood stains and different paint finishes.

  • Shutters configuration There is a lot to choose from: split louvres shutters, shutters on tracks, tier on tier shutters, speciality shutters, full height shutters, blackout shutters with blinds, cafe style shutters and solid shutters. To find out more about each configuration, please click here;

  • Window size The rule is simple here: the larger area to cover the higher the cost.

  • Window shape From most basic to most complex shapes, like hexagons or combinations of elliptical arch designs, every possible shape and style window can be covered with bespoke plantation shutters. The more complicated window shape, the more manufacturing time needed resulting in a higher cost.

  • Installation The labour involved in the process of the installation determines the final cost of plantation shutters.

As you can see the cost of interior plantation shutters depends on many different factors. It is not easy to state, without generalising, how much plantation shutters will cost. Giving rough cost calculations it is not an answer as the final price might be completely different. We highly recommend getting in touch and discussing your requirements and preferences. You are only one message away from booking your free no-obligation home visit.

If you live in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Middlesex, London and the Home Counties, we are more than happy to arrange an appointment and provide you with your exclusive quotation.

Please note that controlled social distancing guidelines must be followed during all home visits. Our in-house sales consultants are fully equipped with PPE to protect your and their health & wellbeing.



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