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Window Shutters - Design is everything

The ideal choice when you need to maximum light but stay in control of your privacy. Split louver shutters offer the best of both worlds by providing independently controlled top and bottom louver sections within the same shutter without the need for a deep physical intermediate rail. This is achieved by stopping the hidden control rod at a certain louver and restarting it again at the next one instead of having a single continuous control running all the way from top to bottom. A simple solution which effectively creates two sets of louvers within the same panel. Tilt the top set to filter the light coming in when the sun is at its peak, tilt the bottom set in a different direction to keep prying eyes at bay. Whatever you choose, our split louver shutters are beautifully tailored to suit so they will fit your windows perfectly.

Our track mounted plantation shutters are the perfect solution for those troublesome wider openings like patio doors, French doors, room dividers or openings where its just not practical to mount the shutters in the more traditional way. These shutter installations can either be installed as bi-folding plantation shutters or sliding plantation shutters, gliding effortlessly away to reveal the full, unobstructed panorama behind. As they are securely mounted and supported from the discreet, high-quality top track and additionally guided by an even more discreet low profile high quality bottom track, operating your shutters is a complete dream. With the same uncompromising functionality you can expect from any regular shutter installation but with the peace of mind that its been engineered and designed to stand the test of time, don't be too surprised at just how practical our plantation shutters on tracks really are.

Effectively two sets of shutters installed one on top of the other covering the whole height of the window. Tier on tier is an ideal choice for homes with windows facing onto busy streets. The word for tier on tier shutters is versatility as this configuration offers a multitude of opportunity. The top and bottom sets open independently, rather than the whole panel folding as one to allow maximum control over light and privacy. Tier on tier shutters provide the unique ability to maximise light by folding back just the top set of panels whilst keeping the bottom set across the window. Perfect if you need additional flexibility or have an interior detail like a sink tap or dressing table that affects the operation of the shutters at a lower level. The truly unique quality that only shutters can provide. Open both panels in the summer for maximum light, keep everything buttoned up and cosy for those long winter nights when you need it most.

Unique windows add charm and character to any property. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to find window treatments that retain the same essence of your imagination; Until now that is! At The House of Shutters, we know how important these details are and we're on hand to deliver expert advice and time-served expertise to ensure your irregular windows and shaped windows are dressed correctly.

Our bespoke hardwood speciality shutters are ideally suited for unusually shaped windows. They work well with circular, triangular and other interestingly shaped openings. Emphasizing an irregular shaped window is a must. Our range of wood shutters are designed to do just that! To enhance the character of your home and your living experience, to get the look that fits the space and your sense of style perfectly.

Classic full height plantation shutters cover the whole window from top to bottom. Excellent light control when closed and great for keeping in the heat as wood is a good insulator, much better than glass! Add a sophisticated finish to your windows, doors and other openings. Panels will generally have a mid-rail if they are over 1200 mm in height. Tailored to your exact needs, allowing top and bottom louver sections to operate separately. A great choice if you have a natural horizontal break in the window like a transom or sash rail. Full height plantation shutters are ideal for privacy control and feature a robust design. Make a big statement in a tall room with our full height plantation shutters.

When blocking out light is a primary consideration our custom plantation shutters with blackout blinds can dress a window to perfection. Perfect for those that need that extra little bit of help to shut out the light. An excellent solution for light sensitive situations like kids rooms, bedrooms for shift workers, cinema rooms and such like. Spoil yourself and create the perfect environment no matter what time of day it is. Bespoke plantation shutters with integrated blackout blinds provide excellent insulating properties. They keep your home warm in the winter can prevent draughts and provide cooler air during hot weather.

Café style shutters bring a Parisian feel to your interior by covering only the bottom part of the window. Make a design statement without overwhelming that beautiful open aspect that enhances your living experience so much. An ideal solution for creating a private space but staying in touch with the outside world. The height of the shutters is tailored to suit your needs so you decide how high you’d like the panels to go. Usually the window will dictate a natural break but, at the end of the day, you tell us what you want and we'll build your perfect installation just for you. Café style plantation shutters fit perfectly and offer the perfect balance between privacy and beautifully filtered light.


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