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Why opting for White Plantation Shutters can be your best decision?

Reasons to choose White Interior Shutters.

As every homeowner, you want to be sure that your property makes a great first impression. In an ideal world, we want our home to embody how we live and be a reflection of ourselves. If we think about our house as a home, we focus on what makes us happy. It calls for choices we make to fulfil our needs and expresses our character. Plantation shutters can help to create an authentic space which is a genuine reflection of us. The key is to pick the right configuration and colour to enhance the aesthetic of your home.

To read more about different interior shutter configurations, please click here.

Looking at all the available interior shutters colours, white plantation shutters are by far the most popular choice. Amongst all the available colours, shutters in white are the best-selling product for homeowners redesigning their homes. There are reasons for this. Let's find out why white plantation shutters are such a sensible and attractive addition to your property.

White Plantation Shutters are timeless and fit every style

High-quality white interior shutters are designed to last. This fact makes white the best shutter colour selection. Despite the new interior decor the homeowner will choose, white plantation shutters will always compliment it. Plantation Shutters in white colour match the most of the window frames and window sills (most homes have white window sills). These go with everything and nothing clashes with them.

White Plantation Shutters offer any room a lighter feel

The main objective during any room decoration process is to make it as big and as spacious as possible. Opposite to curtains, interior shutters sit flush with the window, letting us avoid the cluttering effect. Besides, if we opt for shutters in white, we can have them painted in white to complement the look. Colour is a compelling element of decorating, which has the power to create a believable illusion of making small spaces seem roomier and more inviting. The light which white louvres reflect can enter the room more effectively, making any room appear larger.

White Plantation Shutters create a clean and smart look

With some thoughtful planning, the white plantation shutters can transform any room into a smart-looking space. These window dressing are well-known for being elegant and attractive for homes. Plantation shutters are easy to maintain in general (to read more about how easy it is to clean plantation shutters, please click here), and you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that white shutters offer an even cleaner look. How come? Regardless of the source, dust particles are always of light colour. According to the matter of our perception, every contrast is easier to perceive. Dust is not difficult to spot on darker surfaces than light, like white.

White Plantation Shutters provide better light control

Interior Shutters are known as one of the best window dressings for controlling the light in a room. By opening and shutting the louvres, we can bring as much light into the room as possible or direct the light away. It all depends on what we need at the present moment. Tilting the white louvres downwards lets to direct the sunlight into the room rather than towards the ceiling, and it brings light into the room. The louvres in this position do not sit tightly against each other, therefore do not block out light. Also, if we want more privacy, we can tilt the louvres up. Plantation shutters in this position will ensure that anyone looking into the home can only see the slats.

Above we have discussed a few reasons why the White Plantation Shutters have been the most popular window dressing over many years. As you can see, these are one of the most versatile solutions for your windows when it comes to window treatments. If you are looking to fit White Interior Shutters to your windows, you are in the right place! We specialize in bespoke White Plantation Shutters in West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire. We have been designing, manufacturing and installing interior shutters for over 23 years. Get in touch today and get your free quotation.


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